Property Tax Loan FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Customers getting a Property Tax Loan in Houston Texas

How does our service rescue your property?

We pay the amount owed in taxes, interest, penalty, and other expenses! We make loan quick loan decisions and have a fast loan application process, which results in a fast tax authority payment reducing your exposure to added interest and penalty!

What makes the best property tax loan lender in Texas?

  • We offer 3 to 30 year terms that result in low monthly payments!
  • Our 4-Step loan approval process is fast, easy, & convenient!
  • Loans are available to property owners with poor credit or with no credit history!
  • There is no pre-payment penalty for loans on your homestead!
  • NO Credit Check is required!

Can you rescue me again next year?

Yes! We can process a new loan on your property for subsequent years as long as your tax appraisal value meets our loan to property value requirements.

I have past and present tax obligations. Can you rescue my property?

Yes! We can quickly process a loan that will cover current and past-due taxes, interest, penalties, and other fee related to past-due tax collections.

Can you rescue me from personal property or federal income taxes?

Tax Rescue works with property tax loans, but our affiliate company, IRS Lending, can assist you with federal liens! Visit for more information.

Can make loans on all of my properties?

Yes! We can make loans on all of your properties, subject to a loan approval on each property. We can close all of the loans on the same day. Each property will have its own loan, which makes it easy you to understand.

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